Project Data:

  • Initial date: July-2013
  • Finish date: October-2014

Brief Description:

A pressure vessel is an equipment used to process and/or store different types of liquids, gases, semi-solids and with the capacity to support internal or external loads. Generally, these vessels are cylindrical in shape and operate at pressures above atmospheric pressure, for the levels established in the process. The vessels manufactured by Controval comply with the requirements established in the ASME Code “Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code”, Section VIII, Division 1

Work Performed:

Controval performed the design, selection of materials, manufacturing, supply, testing, inspection, coating and painting, assembly and transportation of the pressure vessels to be installed in the project: “DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF EXPANDING THE CAPACITY OF SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION OF THE CARITO FLOW STATION”, in the Ezequiel Zamora Municipality, Monagas State, Venezuela.

In total, five pressure vessels were manufactured for the amine filtration service and five pressure vessels for the raw water and demineralized water filtration service. The tanks for the raw and demineralized water service were manufactured with ASME stamp  “U” and “R”.


  • Detailed engineering as per ASME Section VIII Div. 1
  • Memory of calculation
  • Software used: COMPRESS for Pressure Vessels
  • CAD drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Equipment data sheet

Relevant Issues:

  • Adaptation of internal processes to obtain the ASME stamp.
  • Manufacturing process considering holding points for the mandatory visits of the ASME inspector together with the customer’s attestation
  • Logistic methodology
  • Project monitoring & controlling