Automated Valves

Controval has partnered with well recognized worldwide manufacturers for valves and actuators, which together with our expertise, allows us to select and specify the correct solution for all of our customer’s needs.  This partnership creates a plus value for our customers who receive a high quality solution for their needs regarding  opening/closing/modulating applications and flow control for air, liquid, gas, and crude oil, which are transported by process lines with a wide range of quarter-turn valves (ball valves, plug valves and butterfly valves) and multi-turn valves (gate valves, globe valves, knife valves) automated by electric, low pressure pneumatic, high pressure oil gas hydraulic, direct gas or electrohydraulic actuators.

Valve-actuator packages are assembled and tested as a fully operative unit with their control panels: electric, pneumatic or electro-hydraulic as well as other devices such as line breaks, partial stroke testing, hydraulic power units, speed regulating valves, storage tanks, position indicators, valve positioning devices and others.

There are different types of valve actuator packages depending on their functionality:

  • Shut down valve (SDV)
  • Blow down valve (BDV)
  • ON / OFF valves
  • Control valves
  • Pressure control valves (PCV)
  • Level control valves (LCV)
  • Flow control valves (FCV)

Controval has the expertise and knowledge to assist its customers to specify the right type of valve-actuator for each application.

Controval offers a wide range of actuated valves such as: Low pressure pneumatic, with or without controls. Electric control panels or pneumatic control panels.  High pressure gas hydraulic: Direct gas and gas over oil actuators for linear and quarter turn applications. Electric actuators with standard controls or digital communication controls such as Profibus, Modbus and others for multi turn and lineal applications. Electro-hydraulic actuators. Self contained hydraulic actuators. Hydraulic power units for hydraulic actuators and others.

Controval offers valve actuators installation on its facilities, customer facilities and retrofitting in the field.

Controval offers maintenance and services for its complete range of products and solutions. On site and in house training as well as yearly after sales maintenance contracts are also offered by Controval.