Industrial Automation

Automation is the art of control a manual routinary process, developing software and/or hardware to perform this process, controlling motors, cylinders, machineries, equipment, valves, etc. with the propose of have minimal or none human intervention in order to avoid or minimize human errors.

Industrial automation helps to save materials, labor, energy, improve quality, accuracy and precision.

In CONTROVAL, we are committed to provide comprehensive industrial automation solutions to our customers in order to contribute to their competitive advantage.

In CONTROVAL, we are also committed to provide tailored solutions using hardware such as: PLC, remote I/O, Human Machine Interface (HMI), SCADA computers, etc. and programing that hardware to achieve a comprehensive solution for the automation project.

As a total solution provider, we aim to be more than just a traditional vendor of products and services: providing the necessary assistance in the search for solutions to operational problems of our clients, becoming their allies and offering equipment and products, meeting highest requirements of international quality standards, geared to industrial automation, with the sole purpose of providing:

  • Solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.
  • Manufacturing solutions.
  • Development of automated electromechanical projects.
  • Support and technological assistance.
  • Integrator solutions.