Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel gas conditioning packages are designed to purify and supply clean and dry gas fuel for reciprocal engines, gas turbines, furnaces, boilers, etc., dropping the gas pressure and withdraw water from the gas under design considerations to protect natural gas fueled engines and turbines from liquid slugs, solids (<0.1 microns) and liquid aerosols to increase the life of the equipment.

CONTROVAL Fuel Gas Conditioning Package standard solution includes a gas scrubber vessel, a pair of coalescing filters, interconnecting piping, valves, instrumentation and unit control panel for package monitoring and control, safety valves, drains, base plate (structural skid) and accessories, in accordance with the particular customer requirements.

The work carried out by CONTROVAL includes the development of engineering, mechanical calculations, detailed drawings, fabrication drawings, fabrication materials and equipment procurement, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and  quality assurance of the modular package solution, fully suitable for all specified conditions.

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