There are many hazardous conditions when extracting, transporting and refining oil & gas or any other dangerous materials. Two of the major ones are fires and explosions. It can potentially harm people, destroy installations, as well as create environmental catastrophes. An efficient way to lower the possible damages is to protect the equipment that controls the flow of hazardous materials. Appropriate fire protection for the piping, boxes, valves and especially for the actuators is critical in case of emergency to maintain control over the automation process and contain eventual incident.

In a fire situation, fireproof jackets or fireproof coatings are effective in the safe sequenced shutdown of your facility. Fireproof jackets or coatings are suitable for all types of actuators, cable runs, control and junction boxes, and all other equipment. Fireproof jackets can be fitted to any existing installation without plant process interruption.

Use of our fireproofing products can also result in protection of human life. The results are reduced downtime and reduced insurance rates, saving your facility money.