Field Installation and Commissioning

Valve-actuator mounting kits are designed and installed by Controval.

Controval makes field installation of its products and solutions. In the case of valve – actuator package Controval offers the service to install the actuators in the field. Customers may also send the valves to Controval facilities to be automated with actuators , limit switches run / positioning / partial test devices , etc.

Controval designs, manufactures and installs assembly kits for valves-actuators package.

Some other solutions include high pressure gas hydraulic actuators, hydraulic power units (HPU), direct gas actuators, electric actuators, low pressure pneumatic actuators and electrohydraulic actuators.

Stages of the services that Controval participates:

  • Advice on applications
  • Design
  • Component specification
  • Production Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • Assembly
  • Transportation
  • Field Installation
  • After sales service
  • Training