Controval offers a wide variety of field instrumentation such as gas flow metering devices for custody transfer applications, ultrasonic gas flow meters, non-intrusive flow meters, field wireless devices, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, analytical chromatography and spectrometry, liquid and gas analyzers, data loggers, recorders, safety and pressure relief valves, flow, pressure, temperature and level measurement, monitoring and sensing vibration on rotating equipment, filtration solutions, positive material identification, test and measurement instruments and others.

Monitoring and control field instruments

  • Pressure transmitters (gauge , absolute and differential).
  • Temperature transmitters.
  • Flow measurement (magnetic, Vortex, ultrasonic , Coriolis , Doppler , differential pressure, open channels, partially filled pipes).
  • Level (guided wave, floating, magnetic, pressure).
  • Handheld ( multimeters , portable analyzers (pH , ORP, etc. ) , generators protocols).
  • PRV, Safety & Relief Valves.
  • Manifolds and valves Needled.
  • Pilot valves and Solenoid valve.