Project Data:

  • Initial date: Augost-2015
  • Finish date: September-2016

Brief desription:

Controval performed the design, fabrication, materials procurement, testing and supply of a Fuel Gas Conditioning Package to be installed on “GAS COMPRESSION PLANT JUSEPIN 200 (NIF)” Project.

The Fuel Gas Conditioning Package includes: a gas scrubber vessel, a pair of coalescing filters, interconnecting piping, valves, instrumentation and unit control panel for package monitoring and control, safety valves, drains, base plate (structural skid) and accessories, all materials new and testes in accordance to relevant codes/standards.

Work Performed:

The scope of work includes the development of engineering, mechanical calculations, detail drawings, fabrication drawings, supply of materials, manufacturing, inspection, testing, transportation of the equipment and assistance for commissioning and start-up.

Engineering Deliverables:

  • Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation drawings and documents
  • Detailed engineering
  • Pressure vessels design
  • 3D model
  • FAT/SAT protocol
  • Data Book

Relevant Issues:

  • Field installation assistance
  • Fuel gas conditioning package manufactured in Houston, TX, and installed on Furrial, Jusepin, Venezuela.